Medway Awnings by The Medway Handyman

Awnings FAQs

What is a ‘standard installation’?

This is where we can fix the awning brackets onto a flat wall.

Does a standard installation include wiring?

Yes it does.

Can I have an awning on a single story extension?

Yes, but you will need specially fabricated ‘spreader plates’ to take the load away from the top courses of brickwork.

What about pipes on the wall?

We can fabricate brackets to take the awning proud of a soil stack, or with plastic waste/downpipes, we can usually move them.

How far will the awning extend out?

Roughly speaking, half a meter less than the width of the awning.

Can you stop the awning at a specific point?

Yes. With a manual awning, you simply stop winding. With an electric awning you switch it off. Electric awnings can be adjusted to stop at a predetermined point.